I left a message on their website over the weekend that I was having AC issues. I got a phone call first thing Monday morning and a service call was completed within an hour. Clay quickly identified the issue and explained in detail to me what was wrong as he fixed it. I was impressed with their responsiveness and competence as well as the reasonable price. Would not hesitate to recommend and will use again.


I want to thank Hardin Heating and Air for sending Clay to inspect my old AC system that serviced my detached garage which I had my office in. I knew it had a leak but my previous AC repair company just wasn't interested in repairing my unit. They would just add more freon and say I needed to buy a new unit. So two months ago I asked for a quote to replace it and I never got one. I believe I am a loyal customer so bad on me for waiting that long. I called Hardin on Monday, Aug 16th and scheduled an appointment for Aug 22nd. Clay inspected my unit, found the leak and showed me where the leak was. He explained the service options at hand and pros and cons. I opted to have him fix the leak because it allows me to start budgeting for a new unit in a couple of years. It was great to have an HONEST and PROFESSIONAL AC technician to talk to and who provided exceptional service. I will now have Hardin service all my AC units going forward. Thank you!

Keith Pruett

I chose to contact Hardin Heating and Air as a result of recommendations from local Midlothian residents. Immediately after meeting with Tim, I knew I wanted to give him my business. He was very honest and open with me and offered a very fair price on an AC replacement. His crews were very professional and highly experienced in HVAC repair and installations. A new HVAC system is a big investment and I am extremely happy with the price I paid and the outstanding service from Tim and his team. I give them my highest recommendation !

Jim Mcally

Tim, I am very pleased how your entire team worked together and your men supported us with what was a really pretty tricky job, couldn’t be happier with the outcome. You have made a devoted customer for me for life and I will always invite you to ask me for anything. Hope you have a good day.

Tim Petrishen

Tim Hardin knows what customer service means - he does what it takes to ensure a happy customer.  After receiving an outrageous quote from another Midlothian-area HVAC company, I called Hardin Heating & Air, explained my problem, the competitor's quote, and my budget.  Tim came to the house within the hour to assess the situation, went back to his office, and had a quote to me within an hour.  He made it work.  His men were on my doorstep 8:30am the next morning.  Professional and courteous, they installed the new air handler with better placement and finish than the original home builder contractor.  I am so very happy with the value and service (and working A/C!) that I received from Tim Hardin and his team!

Lindsay Overbay

If I could leave 3 different reviews I would! First is who they are as people, they are great people with big hearts! Second is who they are servicing a business, they have been one of my go to vendors in property management for at least the past 9 years managing over 1700 properties all around DFW and surrounding cities.  You get what you pay for and the education they bring to our team is amazing! Thirdly, having to use them on a personal HVAC repair just recently.  Tim inspected my unit 7 years ago when I purchased my first home.  He advised me everything was great and to always change my ac filter regularly and showed me which type of AC filter to use as there are some cheapies out there that do nothing really good for your unit.  7 years later I had my first AC problem.  My circuit board went out and Hardin Heating and Air was at my door step at 8:30am on a Monday morning when I had just requested the next available opening as I had a back up window unit.  Hardin Heating and Air installed the circuit board and located an additional part about to go out.   They set me up to have heat temporarily without hurting my system and later that afternoon everything was fixed and good to go!  I requested the condition of my coils to see if they needed cleaning due to my 4 dogs in the home.  I was very much excited to know that the condition of my coils were in good condition and that was due to the proper education I received 7 years ago from Tim.  Everyone was professional,  Always impressed in every aspect of who they are as a business and who they are as individuals!

Ray Luke

Tim made this experience stress and worry free and gave me some great advice, not only on the HVAC system but just general building information. I will recommend Hardin Heating and Air to everyone. I will also put him on my Midlothian Market page on Facebook.

Annette H.

I recently replaced the original AC unit in my 1986 home. After several repairs and service calls over the years, I decided to move forward and replace the units, and I’m glad I did. The cost was a big concern for me at the time, but I am so pleased with the outcome. I received my first electric bill which was incredible; usually I’m looking at $385.00 to $394.00 a month, but last month, my bill was $147.00, which means in a few years this unit would have paid for itself.

I’d like to thank Tim Hardin of Hardin Heating & Air for taking the time to educate me on how replacing my old unit would benefit me in the future.

Ray L. Williams

Tim Hardin was recommended by a close friend, so I never worried about having his crew in my home. I was amazed at how quickly they got to me, the work they did was superb, and the service contract I have will save me considerably.

Lauren Smith

Excellent service! Our AC went out in the middle of the night. I called Hardin Heating and Air at 9:15 a.m. and they had a technician out in less than 30 minutes. Our issue was repaired immediately by Joel and Shane. FANTASTIC SERVICE! Friendly, professional employees. Would highly recommend to family and friends!

Dana Christy

Reliable, trustworthy, dependable, professional! I highly recommend Hardin Heating and Air.

Nathan Arthur

Tim came out in the freezing cold very late in the day to make sure he got to me as they said they would. They had to get the right parts in to fix it and when he came back to fix it he went above an beyond what he said he would repair. Would highly recommend!

Joel Black

Hardin Heating & Air installed a replacement condenser unit for me when mine was stolen. Everyone else wanted me to replace the entire unit, but they were able to replace what was stolen for a better price. Prompt service and attention to detail. Thanks!

Kelly Anderson

You will not be dissapointed with Hardin! They really went the extra mile to ensure I got my new unit from the insuranse company.
-I appreciate Wendy, answering all of my questions before we even started doing business with them.
-They went back and forth with my insurance telling them that a ‘fix’ wouldn’t fix anything, only worsen the problem. (The insurance finally agreed to a full replacement)
-Loved the crew that showed up (Roman, and another nice young man) were so friendly and really worked fast!
Just a great experience! Thank you so much!!!

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