Lindsay Overbay

If I could leave 3 different reviews I would! First is who they are as people, they are great people with big hearts! Second is who they are servicing a business, they have been one of my go to vendors in property management for at least the past 9 years managing over 1700 properties all around DFW and surrounding cities.  You get what you pay for and the education they bring to our team is amazing! Thirdly, having to use them on a personal HVAC repair just recently.  Tim inspected my unit 7 years ago when I purchased my first home.  He advised me everything was great and to always change my ac filter regularly and showed me which type of AC filter to use as there are some cheapies out there that do nothing really good for your unit.  7 years later I had my first AC problem.  My circuit board went out and Hardin Heating and Air was at my door step at 8:30am on a Monday morning when I had just requested the next available opening as I had a back up window unit.  Hardin Heating and Air installed the circuit board and located an additional part about to go out.   They set me up to have heat temporarily without hurting my system and later that afternoon everything was fixed and good to go!  I requested the condition of my coils to see if they needed cleaning due to my 4 dogs in the home.  I was very much excited to know that the condition of my coils were in good condition and that was due to the proper education I received 7 years ago from Tim.  Everyone was professional,  Always impressed in every aspect of who they are as a business and who they are as individuals!

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